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13 Of The Cutest Darn Dachshunds You've Ever Seen!

By Evan Lowden Yesterday 9 Views No comments

22 Nov 2017 3:31:16 pm

We get a large amount of submissions for dachshunds to be featured on our website and social media pages. Although we wish we could choose them all, here is a list of 13 of our favourites!

10 Must Have Dachshund Gifts This Christmas

By Sausage Dog Central 4 days ago 75 Views No comments

The paw-fect gifts to give your dachshund loving friends and family this Christmas.

Meet Roger - The Dachshund Who Lost 7 Kilograms

By Sausage Dog Central 24 days ago 1866 Views 1 comment

Sausage Dog Central talks to Roger the dachshund to find out just what it takes to lose 7 whole kilograms!

Dachshunds Who Resemble A Loaf Of Bread

By Sausage Dog Central 24 days ago 1273 Views No comments

A new sensation has swept over the dachshund world and it's called #loafing. Those of you with dachshunds will know this phenomenon, paws tucked under their chest with a quizzical look on their face. Send us your photos of your dachshund #loafing on the hashtag #sausagedogcentral on Instagram! We have chosen 13 super cute dachshunds who have pawfected the look.

10 Epic Dachshund Cakes You Must See

By Sausage Dog Central 28 days ago 245 Views No comments

11 Apr 2017 12:43:20 am

These dachshund lovin' masterchefs have created some incredible pieces of cake art. Although they do look too good to eat we are sure they were devoured as quickly as a dachshund dinner!

4 Of The Best Dachshund Races

By Sausage Dog Central 28 days ago 136 Views No comments

Dachshund racing goes back many years and has recently enjoyed a resurgence with many races aiming to provide a fundraising platform for dachshund rescues. We have sourced the net and compiled a list of our top 4 races


By Sausage Dog Central 28 days ago 120 Views No comments

These dachshunds and their puppy bellies are just too cute. It makes us want to snuggle up in a pile of dachshunds and never leave!

You Can Now Get Matching Pyjamas For You And Your Hound

By Evan Lowden 2 months ago 488605 Views 1 comment

18 Sep 2017 4:21:40 pm

Yes that's right! Get matching pyjamas for you and your hound #MatchyMatchy

The Best Dachshund Memes Ever!

By Sausage Dog Central 2 months ago 41381 Views No comments

Everyone loves a meme, but when they are about our beloved breed they are even funnier. Below we have our top 10 favourite dachshund memes, upload your memes to #sausagedogcentral on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

7 Foods Not To Feed Your Wiener

By Sausage Dog Central 5 months ago 9082 Views No comments

Find out which foods your hound needs to avoid to live a happy and healthy life.

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