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Megaesophagus: What’s it Mean for Your Dachshund?

By Sausage Dog Central 4 days ago 8 Views No comments

Dachshunds are one of a select handful of breeds that can suffer from megaesophagus. While rare, the condition can be fatal and one that requires lots of care and attention. However, living past the initial diagnosis is possible.

​Dachshund Racing: Good, Bad, Ugly?

By Sausage Dog Central 4 days ago 43 Views No comments

Dachshund racing is popular at festivals and events around the world, particularly around this time of the year, when Oktoberfest celebrations are in full swing.

​Dealing with Stinky Dachshund Breath?

By Sausage Dog Central 7 days ago 106 Views No comments

You’re cuddling with your sausage dog on the couch, they lean over and give you a little kiss and you catch a whiff of something not so pleasant.

​A Hotel for Sausage Dog Lovers: The Teckel Hotel Tirol

By Sausage Dog Central 11 days ago 326 Views No comments

The Dutch word for “dachshund” is “teckel” and the appropriately named Teckel Hotel in the Austrian Alps is completely devoted to the little dog breed.

​Think All Dachshunds Look the Same?

By Sausage Dog Central 12 days ago 42 Views No comments

If you thought all sausage dogs look alike, think again! No two dachshunds are the same. From size to coloring, eyes to hair length, dachshunds have nearly as many unique features as people.

Tips to Socialize Your Dachshund

By Sausage Dog Central 15 days ago 118 Views No comments

Every sausage dog owner knows that, in many cases, it can be difficult to socialize your dachshund and that proper training is required to ensure that they get along with other people and other pets. This is especially the case if you’re working with a dachshund that you adopted as an adult, rather than a puppy.

​5 Snacks to Never Give Your Doxie and 2 Snacks to Share

By Sausage Dog Central 17 days ago 260 Views No comments

So we get it. It can be difficult when you’re sitting on the couch snacking and your doxie looks up at you with their big brown eyes, begging for a bite. While some snacks are okay to share in small doses, others are a surprising big no-no. You know chocolate isn’t okay…but what are some of the other things you should definitely avoid feeding your dachshund?

When Your Doxie Doesn't Feel Quite Right

By Sausage Dog Central 19 days ago 135 Views No comments

You may have recently seen in the news the story of Trevor the dachshund. This little guy swelled up to three times his normal size, suddenly and without warning. What was the cause and could it happen to your favorite sausage dog? Photo: Metro

5 Ways Owning a Doxie is Beneficial to Your Health

By Sausage Dog Central 21 days ago 67249 Views No comments

More and more studies are coming out all the time that show owning a dachshund is good for your health. From stress to allergies, our canine friends have us covered. Here are some of our favorite ways that adopting a new sausage dog could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

​Preventing IVDD in Dachshunds

By Sausage Dog Central 25 days ago 50954 Views 1 comment

We’ve already talked about the risk of IVDD in dachshunds and what that looks like in a recent blog post, but how do you actually go about preventing IVDD in dachshunds? How can you make sure that you’re doing everything you can to prevent this disease from occurring, from exercise, to installing dog ramps in your home?

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