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Welcome to The Doxie Diaries, our dedicated doxie blog where we share dachshund pictures, dachshund videos, health tips and lots more content dedicated to our beloved breed.

11 Most Popular Dachshund Names

By Sausage Dog Central 7 days ago 236 Views No comments

What's in a name? Due to their German heritage and "wiener/sausage" shaped figure many owners tend to choose a name based around these characteristics. This list is based off names of some cute doxies who follow our Instagram page that seem to be popular with owners.

10 Epic Dachshund Cakes You Must See

By Sausage Dog Central 17 days ago 221 Views No comments

11 Apr 2017 12:43:20 am

These dachshund lovin' masterchefs have created some incredible pieces of cake art. Although they do look too good to eat we are sure they were devoured as quickly as a dachshund dinner!

13 Celebrity Dachshund Owners

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 425 Views No comments

These dachshunds have been living the high life with their celebrity owners. Let us know any other celebrity dachshund owners you know of by commenting on our Facebook post!

Your Week Just Got Better With Slo-Mo Dachshunds

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 337 Views 1 comment

There is nothing cuter than seeing a dachshund in full flight, running through the grass or towards their owner. As part of our #SDC200kgiveaway Instagram competition we compiled the best slow-mo videos we received for your viewing enjoyment!

Why Not A Dachshund

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 298105 Views 4 comments

Dachshunds are some of the most joyful pets to care for but there are many personality characteristics you should be aware of before you make any decision! We take a look at what you should know before choosing to adopt.

Adopting a Dachshund

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 102654 Views No comments

Looking for a new dachshund to join the family can be a confusing issue. Below is some information to help you look in the right places and differentiate between reputable breeders and others.

Dr Frankie's Tips For Dach Back Health

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 169302 Views 2 comments

Did you know 1 in 4 dachshunds will develop a back problem such as IVDD? Dr Frankie shares her tips to help prevent your dach's back.

10 Ways To Make Your Dachshund Happy

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 363 Views No comments

Dachshunds are one of the most loyal breed of dogs, however they can be quite stubborn at times with their famously short tempers! Here are 10 things that can make your dachshund super happy.

There Is An Emoji App For Dachshunds – SausageMOJI

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 153 Views No comments

With a huge range of unique images and an easy-to-use to app, SausageMOJI is a MUST-HAVE for dachshund and dog lovers.

A Tribute to Dachshunds With IVDD

By Sausage Dog Central 1 month ago 205 Views No comments

This blog is a tribute to those brave sausages who are learning to live with their disability. Their bravery, triumph in adversity and general love of life should be used as inspiration for doxies all over the world!

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