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Welcome to The Doxie Diaries, our dedicated doxie blog where we share dachshund pictures, dachshund videos, health tips and lots more content dedicated to our beloved breed.

8 "Dachshund Things" Only Owners Will Understand!

By Sausage Dog Central 2 months ago 476 Views No comments

What makes a dachshund so unique? Doxie owners worldwide know that they have so many unique characteristics that make them so special (for better and worse). We have narrowed it down to 10 but what others can you name?

Meet Roger - The Dachshund Who Lost 7 Kilograms

By Sausage Dog Central 2 months ago 239 Views No comments

Sausage Dog Central talks to Roger the dachshund to find out just what it takes to lose 7 whole kilograms!

11 Most Popular Dachshund Names

By Sausage Dog Central 2 months ago 11980 Views 4 comments

What's in a name? Due to their German heritage and "wiener/sausage" shaped figure many owners tend to choose a name based around these characteristics. This list is based off names of some cute doxies who follow our Instagram page that seem to be popular with owners.

4 Of The Best Dachshund Races!

By Sausage Dog Central 2 months ago 159 Views No comments

Dachshund racing goes back many years and has recently enjoyed a resurgence with many races aiming to provide a fundraising platform for dachshund rescues. We have sourced the net and compiled a list of our top 4 races

12 Signs You Are A Crazy Dachshund Person

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 320 Views No comments

Do you spend most of your time thinking about dachshunds? Are you a 'crazy' dachshund person? Find out here!

10 Epic Dachshund Cakes You Must See

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 576 Views No comments

11 Apr 2017 12:43:20 am

These dachshund lovin' masterchefs have created some incredible pieces of cake art. Although they do look too good to eat we are sure they were devoured as quickly as a dachshund dinner!


By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 122 Views No comments

These dachshunds and their puppy bellies are just too cute. It makes us want to snuggle up in a pile of dachshunds and never leave!

Dachshunds Who Resemble A Loaf Of Bread

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 139 Views No comments

A new sensation has swept over the dachshund world and it's called #loafing. Those of you with dachshunds will know this phenomenon, paws tucked under their chest with a quizzical look on their face. Send us your photos of your dachshund #loafing on the hashtag #sausagedogcentral on Instagram! We have chosen 13 super cute dachshunds who have pawfected the look.

13 Celebrity Dachshund Owners

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 1271 Views No comments

These dachshunds have been living the high life with their celebrity owners. Let us know any other celebrity dachshund owners you know of by commenting on our Facebook post!

Your Week Just Got Better With Slo-Mo Dachshunds

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 639 Views 1 comment

There is nothing cuter than seeing a dachshund in full flight, running through the grass or towards their owner. As part of our #SDC200kgiveaway Instagram competition we compiled the best slow-mo dachshund videos we received for your viewing enjoyment!

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