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This Dachshund Mix is a Royal Favorite

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 275 Views No comments

The Queen of England is well-known for her love of corgis, but did you know that another special dog breed has taken up with British royalty? Dachshunds were members of the family thanks to Princess Margaret decades ago and, when one, Pipkin, encountered one of the Queen’s corgis, a new dog breed claimed its royal spot — the dorgi.

​Do Dachshunds Still Go Hunting Today?

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 412 Views No comments

While you likely know that dachshunds were bred as badger hunters as early as the 1500s in Germany (their names literally mean badger hounds), did you know that these feisty little sausage dogs are still on the hunt today?

The Story of Hallie, the Sausage Dog with a Flair for Art

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 204 Views No comments

Several years ago, three long-haired dachshunds were sent to a shelter before being placed in a foster home. The foster mom kept one of those dachshunds, named her Hallie and later discovered that she had a penchant for an unusual type of doggy talent.

Preventing Tick Paralysis For Your Dog

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 2425 Views No comments

We all know that our beloved dachshunds love to burrow and be outdoors, (well most dachshund's at least). But this added outdoor activity brings with it increased risks of flea issues and tick paralysis.

Kid Meets Dog: How to Keep Everyone Safe

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 248 Views No comments

If you keep up on your sausage dog news, you likely caught wind of a quite horrible news story about a child entering a neighbor’s yard and abusing a dachshund puppy. While this is a horrifically extreme incident of what can happen when a sausage dog and an unfriendly person happen to cross paths, it does bring into question — how can you ensure your sausage dog’s safety when they’re around unfamiliar children?

​Keeping Your Dachshund Happy and Healthy During a Road Trip

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 424 Views No comments

As the holidays approach, lots of families pile up the car and head off on a road trip to visit family or just go on a quick trip. If you choose to take your dachshund along with, rather than leaving them with a dog sitter or at a kennel, there are a few things you’ll want to consider, to make sure that your doxie is the healthiest and happiest they can be while on the road.

4 Tips for a Safe, Sausage Dog Halloween

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 5428 Views No comments

The Halloween season can be a particularly fun time for sausage dog owners. After all, our little doxies are great candidates for a boo-tiful Halloween costume. But are you making the holiday as safe as possible for your furry friend? Here are some tips from the experts on ensuring everyone, pets included, has a spook-tacular holiday.

​New Study Ranks Dachshunds as #9

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 249 Views No comments

A new study from Ollie, a pet food brand, ranked the Top 10 dog breeds in America and found the dachshund to be at the No. 9 spot.

Giving Your Dachshund the Right Diet

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 45794 Views No comments

How do you make sure you’re following correct dietary practices for your doxie?

A Happy Reunion, Thanks to Microchipping

By Sausage Dog Central 3 months ago 252 Views No comments

When some employees at an animal shelter in Connecticut found a 17-year-old dachshund on their doorstep, who knew that the story would end very happily for everyone involved? (Photo: Getty Images)

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