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The DachRamp Series – Portable, handmade dog ramps featuring adjustable heights, engineered to protect your hounds back with no assembly required.

The DachRamp is 40 inches (100cm) in length and 16 inches (40cm) wide. There are four adjustable heights at:
  • 12 inches (30cm)
  • 16 inches (40cm)
  • 20 inches (50cm)
  • 24 inches (60cm)
This Pet Ramp features indoor/outdoor friendly carpet to ensure paw-grip, and is a safe way for your hound to travel up and down furniture.
Each DachRamp is hand crafted and ready made with no assembly required. The DachRamp can also be flatpacked for easy storage.

Dachramp Image 1

The DachRamp Lite is 32.5 inches (82cm) in length and 14 inches (35cm) wide. The DachRamp Lite has two interchangeable heights at:
  • 12 inches (30cm)
  • 16 inches (40cm)
The DachRamp Lite has been designed as a more compact and smaller version of the DachRamp. Like the DachRamp, it features paw-friendly carpet and has 4 rubbers-stoppers to reduce slipping. The DachRamp Lite is hand-crafted and arrives fully assembled, ready for your hound to start safely going up and down furniture.

Dachramp Image 2

The DachRamp and DachRamp Lite allow your hound to walk safely up and down furniture, preventing them from climbing and jumping which can cause lasting and expensive damage to your dachshunds back and your back pocket. Designed with your hounds health in mind, the DachRamp and DachRamp Lite gives owners peace-of-mind knowing that their four-legged friends are protected from nasty spinal injuries.

Dachramp Image 3

Pet and dog ramps, like the DachRamps are crucial for every dachshund owner as they help to reduce the pressure on the discs between the Vertebrae in the Spine. Due to the loooong stature of the dachshund body the Low Cervical, Mid-Thoracic, and Lower Lumbar spine areas of the body are placed under large levels of stress when your dachshund jumps on and off house furniture.

This can lead to damage of your dachshunds back, sometimes resulting in IVDD (Inter-Vertebral Disk Disease).
A Dog Ramp reduces this pressure on the spine reducing the risk of this inherent dachshund back problem.

Did you know? 1 in 4 Dachshunds are now affected by IVDD

Dachramp Image 3

Both DachRamps have been engineered and designed to withstand significant weight in case your dachshund has indulged in too many holiday treats! The bearings and support of the DachRamp Series have been tested to hold weights of up to 45lbs for both the Lite and premium version, allowing it to be used for a wide range of dog breeds. It features marine ply wood, pine wood and a strong hinge which allows the ramp to be flat-packed and easily carried with you on the move.

Don’t risk the cost of expensive vet bills that can soar up to $6000, make the smart investment and help prevent the onset of IVDD with a DachRamp, because they are family.



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What you get with your DachRamp
A high quality, hand crafted, ready made ramp with no assembly required.
Four rubber stoppers on both versions of the ramp to reduce slipping.
No sales tax + delivery to your doorstep included in the price (USA only)
Indoor/outdoor friendly carpet to ensure sufficient grip.
DachRamp: 40" (100cm) in length, 16" (40cm) wide with four adjustable heights at 12" (30cm), 16" (40cm), 20" (50cm) and 24" (60cm).
DachRamp Lite: 32.5" (82cm) in length and 14" (35cm) wide with 2 adjustable heights at 12" (30cm) and 16" (40cm).

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