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A box conveniently delivered to your doorstep each month with healthy treats, fun toys, and more exciting dachshund essentials!

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10% of all profits generated from every DachPack box sold will be donated to Dachshund Rescues in America, helping re-home and care for dachshunds in need


So… What’s a DachPack?

The DachPack is a box of snagtastic goodies delivered to your doorstep filled with essentials for your dachshund; saving you time, money and effort. Boxes include a minimum of 5 items, typically made up of dog treats, toys, cleaning products, accessories and more potential surprises! We always squeeze in a gift for your owner to say thanks for being pawsome..

Items differ each month, meaning your sausage can enjoy a variety of fun and useful products. We prepare all DachPacks at the end of each month and send them out approximately in a week's time.

The DachPack is available America-wide and for International dachshunds, meaning the sausage love can be shared worldwide!

Why should I get a DachPack?

The DachPack supports the rescue and private re-homing of dachshunds by donating 10% of all profits to Dachshund Rescues throughout America.

Everything included in the DachPack is of the highest quality, as your dachshund deserves nothing less! With prices starting from $26USD per month, the DachPack represents fantastic value.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fee; giving you the flexibility to purchase the DachPack as a trial or one-off present.

DachPack subscribers are also entitled to exclusive discounts store-wide that aren’t available to the public!

*Please note the DachPack can not be combined in a transaction with other products.

What are you waiting for?

  • Peter and Robyn


    Our little girl Lily loves getting new toys as she chews anything and everything! We also enjoy getting a little surprise for ourselves each month.
  • Lynne


    Thanks to the team from SDC who provide such a wonderful service with the DachPack, it is so convenient getting everything delivered to my door and not worrying about it. Thankyou.
  • Jason


    My boy Frank loves getting his treats and toys every month, fantastic idea, we love the DachPack
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